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Q2W have worked with many employers and contractors, speak to us today and find out how we can support your company with changes to the legislation.

  • Galliford Try
  • Deanestor PLC
  • Lakehouse PLC
  • Hillstreet Construction Ltd
  • Floorscreed Ltd
  • CPCUK Ltd
  • Bourne Group
  • Focus Group
  • Hesler Group
  • Premier Recruitment Ltd
  • Creative Vatalis Ltd
  • Castle Oak group
  • Bell Group Ltd
  • Paine Construction Ltd
  • MSH Refurbishment Ltd
  • Rocare Ltd
  • Zillion Elements Ltd
  • Future Tech Ltd
  • Brace Turner Ltd
  • DPT Ltd
  • Dry Wall Solutions Ltd
  • Jessella Ltd
  • MGM Construction Ltd
  • RC Pro Design Ltd
  • MGM Construction Ltd
  • RC Pro Design Ltd
  • MGBC Demolition & Construction Ltd
  • Bulkan Build Ltd
  • Knightlearning Ltd



John Phillips, Production Manager, Dry Wall Solutions (DWS): Q2W have qualified our workforce, supervisors and senior managers in a cost effective and efficient manner. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others

Victoria Chick, Business Development Manager, A.T.Jones: Q2W are working closely with us to prepare budgeted training and development plans for our entire workforce. This includes the training of apprentices, upskilling & qualifying our management and site-based teams.

Adam Dudley, Quantity Surveyor, McCarthy and Stone: Q2W have delivered my level 6 & 7. They saved me time and money by delivering a very effective service

John O’Reilly, Director Floorscreed Ltd: Assessing our floorscreeders was quite a challenge because of the fastrack and transient nature of our work. Q2W delivered with minimum disruption to our contracts and for a very competitive price. I’m also qualified to level 7 thanks to their advice and support

Contact Q2W today to find out how we can help support your business on training and certification requirements.